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Name: Kyleigh_N
Birthday: Aug 8
Location: The South
Gender: Female
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Meet meet, my name is Kyleigh. My photos are public and they are all of me, I dye my hair.
I study and practice all areas of the occult regularly. Magick came naturally to me as a child but I began practicing seriously five years ago.
Areas of expertise:
tarot reading,
runes (divination and translating),
am a certified reiki healer,
chakra work,
meditation and visualization,
crystal meanings,
properties of herbs and oils and making mixtures or potions,
astral and ethereal projection,
summoning and conjuring,
element magick,
celtic magick (I am a descendant of the Druids),
spell casting and creating spells,
blood magick,
spiritual vampyrism,
candle magick,
defense magick,
love magick,
ceremonial or high magick,
healing magick,
cord magick,
music magick,
sigil magick,
past life regressions,
and warding.
I am the main vessel of the spirit Jezebel. Wheather or not you believe the Bible has parts that are historically correct, Jezebel was a historical queen and very adept in witchcraft and magick. She speaks to me and through me, guides me and helps me on my journey.
I am also very close with my matron goddess Hecate.
I am an omnist so I do not limit myself to one belief system, I believe all religions have aspects of truth to them but no one religion holds absolute truth. I believe in reincarnation and past lives.
I am writing a grimoire that will be called the master grimoire. It will be over 1,000 pages and cover all areas of the occult.
If you need help with magick or a spell, shoot me a message, I may be able to help.
My zodiac sign is Leo and I have two cats I adore; Leo and Percival. Outside of the occult, I like to sing, dance, write, read, work out, play the piano, and spend time on the beach.
Blessed be!