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Name: Undathril
Birthday: Feb 3 1998
Location: Intra Animum Contritum
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 15 Jun 2019
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Coven Title: Council

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I suppose I am to put a bit about myself here? I am Aurath Undathril, and I am Twenty one years old. I started practicing at a young age. My Aunt Willow is the one who set me down the path. It's hard to remember when I actually started to practice, but I believe I started using this site at the age of thirteen when a friend showed it to me, although I didn't make an account untill I actually turned twenty, as I've become much more serious about my studies and practices. For me, magic is a special thing that is good for the soul. It has helped me find a measure of peace within my life. I started learning about spirits and how to drive them away from my aunt, and later started casting circles. Eventually I was gifted a copy of Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magic Herbs. This set me down the path of herb magic. Eventually I started emplomemting herbs into my rituals and ended up making a few spells of my own. At the age of 18 I made my first staff. To this day Theail serves me well. Currently I am attempting to expand my knowlage so that I can fill out my Grimoire. It's something I wish to leave behind for later members of my family. I like to carry myself with Honor (I care for honor quite a bit, as I was knighted a few years back) and humility, and am always eager to learn new concepts in magic. When times get tough, I have a little saying I made. "In the end, all is irrelevant. However, the actions of today can change the tomorrow we walk upon."