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Name: MrCat
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Hey, I've been on this site before, but forgot my Password so created a new one. To bad I lost all my info. If you were my friend on here be sure to text me and add me too. Now to talk about myself: I've been studying Magic ever since I was 7, I'm 18 now so that would make about 11 to 12 years now. I study all kinds of Magic black,white, even an old study that no longer exists called Gray Magic. Gray Magic is my specialty, not many people know how to use it. However, it is simple to me; just black and white magic combined. Anyway, my hobbies would include Exercise, running, drawing, reading, and studying for school or Magic. My main Hobby or Job might I say is creating "opportunities" for my clients even though it does involve magic, I don't make them pay a cent. It's sounds complicated but once you see what I do you'll understand(or not). Oh well. Welp thats it for now feel free to message me of any questions, comments, or concerns. Sincerely, ~Mr. Cat