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Name: c.onarut
Location: n.e. ohio
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open minded individual


anti zionist



indigo child



yes, I'm a very strange person once you get to know me. I'm also pretty chill, especially to those special people who understand my insanity.

I'm too deep down the rabbit hole, I can never get out. I have knowledge on Wicca, paganism, chaos, Kabbalah, black magick, and several other types of magick, along with suppressed information (all of which is very unorganized in my mind. I haven't casted many spells but my intent is always good, don't worry). I'm really good with symbology and connecting the dots. I have gone so deep, I became a targeted individual; but that's not gonna stop me from learning/spreading the truth!

Throughout my entire life, I have meditated constantly and tried to enlighten myself. All of my views/morals are formless. I am usually very passive and accepting to everything in life, the possibilities are endless. I have had many awakenings and countless spiritual experiences in my life. Due to health problems, my physical mind does not allow me to comprehend thoughts like most people. This has limited my journey tremendously and has gotten worse over the past year. I am still however not giving up and plan to fix these problems someday.

Im also an extremely sensitive empath and indigo child. I don't have many friends and the ones I do have, I don't talk to outside of school much. I'm really different compared to everyone else, that has resulted in my independence from society. I'm open to any friendships and I'm more than glad to share knowledge to anyone who seeks it