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Name: BlueShepard8
Birthday: Jul 21
Location: nobody knows and nobody cares
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Hello... I have not the slightest clue why you would click on my profile. Maybe you were curious? Maybe you were bored? Good for you. I don't like time wasters who just lead things on when really they don't need anything from me. I don't mind chatting, but let it be known i don't talk much for the sake of " being friendly". The people i do have as friends, have a main reason why they are friends so don't think your going to just ask if we can be friends and it will be. If you still want to chat, i'm surprised.

The only song i seem to be listening to at the moment: DK - HYPOCRITE

If you must know, I am a Cancer. I do not particularly practice any witchcraft, as I am more of a knowledge holder. I do not want anything to do with a coven on this site as I am already in a coven, and I do not wish to be taught as I don't particularly practice as stated above.