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Name: void444
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Wanna-be curse deflector and curse breaker. Got some experience in healing. Would like to learn.
Also have some experience in:
-usual runes
-blood runes
-solar reiki
-some tarot and numerology
Need information on:
-Curse breaking/deflecting
-Curse identifying
-Entity identifying
Practicing meditation and fasting/cleansing.
Looking for:
-People who know more than me about these types of magick
-People who volunteer to be targets for my practice (if for example you believe you are cursed, i can practice deflection on you.Success not guaranteed)
-(**Urgently**) People who are good and experienced in identifying spirits/entities.
Feel free to message me and I will replay soon. If i don't answer I probably don't take you seriously (younger audience). If you're looking to sell something - we don't want any. With that said, peace and good luck in your studies