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Name: SunxMoon
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 12 Feb 2018
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what's up? I'm SunxMoon. Don't ask me why I chose that username.I am still trying to figure that out myself. I'm here because I was told its a safe place to share my path and I won't get judged for it.
Basically I could care less what a person thinks about me. I figured that out myself years ago. I will do me so you do you. I'm a jerk. I can be a complete and total jerk when I'm pushed to it.
Over all as long as no one annoys me I can be a pretty cool chick.
I'm not here to flirt either so don't try it.
I'm here to experience something new not play games. If I sense someone is playing games I will not warn them. I will straight up block them. So watch yourself around me. I'm an empathy and I don't need to be right next to you to know what's up.
Don't lie to me. I'm not going to lie to you.