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Read before mailing!! Here's all you need to know: Status: Happily taken and madly in love!(therefore,NO flirting allowed) Name :Regan Cordelia Crown Meaning of the name :Regan-little king ; Cordelia -heart or daughter of the sea Age:14 Interests :Psychology, books, herbs, mythology and more (if you wanna know, drop me a mail) Please DON'T : -mail me, asking to remove a curse. I don't do curse magick so please don't ask -mail me asking to do a love spell for you -mail me hate, flirt -mail me asking to turn you in some supernatural being (werewolf, vampire, fairy, etc). Magick can't change your nature (that means it can't change your eye color or hair color either) Things I study (at the moment) -herbalism -mind manipulation -mythology Feel free to send me a mail, as long as you won't mail me with what I mentioned in the "Please DON'T " part. If you need help with something, I'll try to help but if I can't help, please don't get mad at me. Till next time : "La revedere! "