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Name: Liibra
Location: Louisiana
Gender: Male
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Hello all! My name is Johnny!
I've been practicing witchcraft for nearly eight years now. I started out with Wicca back in 2012, though I don't call myself a Wiccan as of now. I also don't call myself a Pagan either because I feel it's too general. I'm simply a witch! :)
I mainly worship the goddess aspect of Spirit who came to me as Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt. I do worship a god figure, mainly Pan, but the male aspect of Spirit has never played a huuuge role in my practice. Though I do respect and acknowledge the male aspect.
I mostly deal in psychic work such as pendulums, tarot, scrying and so on. I'm just starting to get into herbalism and really delving into the power of plants.
I can do a three card reading for some if I feel up to it. It may not be at that very moment, but I will try my hardest to get to it :)
Root: open (56%)
Sacral: open (75%)
Navel: over-active (94%)
Heart: open (75%)
Throat: over-active (100%)
Third Eye: over-active (100%)
Crown: open (75%)