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Name: Vaerosier
Location: The Frozen North
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My observances are my own. The primary tenet of my practice is the acquisition of knowledge and information--penultimate to this--is the dissemination of information. However, I have found many are of a sensitive disposition and the nature of my accrued knowledge is often viewed as aberrant. As such, I ignore my secondary tenet as a courtesy to those delicate souls.

My own accumulated knowledge will be shared at my discretion and leisure to those that have a genuine desire for it. I am not inclined to give any consultations by means of divination except in exceptionally rare instances.

As it is, my primary spheres of knowledge as pertains to this site are listed as follows:

  • Psychomancy & Macharomancy
  • 'Black Sciences' & Philosophy
  • Demonology & LaVeyan Satanism
  • Inquisitorial Methodology & Historical Witchcraft

The spheres previously listed, and the relevant knowledge therein, have been the result of a cumulative fifteen (15) years of research, and exploratory experimentation both real and speculative. If you wish to discuss an exchange of concepts and learning, I am open to the discourse. Providing that my opposite can conduct themselves in an amiable, civilized manner.

I shall expand upon this information as progress and time dictate, not before.

Do as you shall, as shall I.

Good health and fortune be upon you, and yours.