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Name: Ravyn97
Birthday: Aug 28 1997
Location: Colorado, US
Gender: Female
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Hello! I want to be useful to this community and spread knowledge to those who need it. The journey through spirituality is definitely a sacred one and I choose to do just that. Though there is a lot of misinformation that tends to run through this site, I will try my best at what I have learned after doing my own research and my own practices. Everyone's way of practicing is different and I respect that, everyone's separate path is different. Some stuff about me: State of mind: Emotionally stressed out/panic attacks every night Name: Ravyn Age: 21 Relationship: Single Preferred Beliefs: Eclectic Green Witch Favourite colour: green :D Hobbies: I love to paint and draw and I'm still expanding my artistic abilities to embroidery and sewing :) I can create realistic pieces of art but my primary art style is manga. I can play guitar and I love to sing. *** I DO NOT perform spells or rituals for anyone unless I know them personally so please do not ask me to do this for you. I WILL NOT help you "become" a vampire, mermaid, fairy, werewolf, etc because it is simply unrealistic and not what the craft is all about, they are folklore and fairytales for a reason. Please DO NOT message me just because you're bored and want to jerk off, I'm pretty sure that's not what this site is intended for... Go to Tinder or something if that's the case... Don't be afraid to message me, I'm friendly and would like to give any advise in the things that I know, just ask. Thank you for reading! ***I'M NOT VERY ACTIVE MOST OF THE TIME BUT I USUALLY ANSWER WITHIN A DAY OR TWO, THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE***