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Name: Ravyn97
Birthday: Aug 28 1997
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Hello! I haven't been here for quite some time because I started to hate this site... I will attempt one more time. I want to be useful to this community and spread knowledge to those who need it. The journey through a religion is definitely a sacred one and I choose to do just that. Some stuff about me: State of mind: immersed in artwork Name: Ravyn Age: 21 Relationship: Happily taken by the love of my life Preferred Religion: Eclectic Green Witch Favourite colour: green :D Favourite animals: Cats, pandas, ravens, foxes, red pandas... I love waaay too many animals Hobbies: I love to paint and draw and I'm still expanding my artistic abilities to embroidery and sewing :) I can create realistic pieces of art but my primary art style is manga. I can play guitar and I love to sing. *** I DO NOT perform spells or rituals for anyone unless I know them personally so please do not ask me to do this for you. I WILL NOT help you become a vampire, mermaid, fairy, werewolf, etc because it is simply unrealistic and not what the religion is all about. Please DO NOT send me anything creepy or just looking to have a "good time" I am here to make friends and to help people with religion related ideas. I really like to talk :) so please don't be afraid to message me!