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Merry meet, I've been practising nearly my whole life first learning from my mum but then my curiosity and thanks to the internet I found myself venturing further and further into magick. I joined this website because I wanted to meet other's like me who have similar interests. My practice takes many forms in, crystals, herbs, rituals, higher and ceremonial magick and talismans. I venture through all magic from white to black, East to West and where else my curiosity and hunger for knowledge takes me. My main focus and practise is divination, my tools are the tarot, runes, pendulum and I-ching. I'm offering my service in Tarot reading, although I am limited to only 1 reading per person per day and 3 readings total per day. If you want a reading in tarot, you are welcomed to ask, though I must make clear: -I do not do love readings (at least word it better than "does so and so love me?) -I will not contact the deceased and -I do not do readings for any third party (Don't ask me how your ex is doing because I don't know and you need to move on) - And finally please be more specific than a "whats my future" reading because that is too vague, and you're missing out on the full potential a tarot reading can offer. Also please note that I can only give you an insight to your question and problem, do not treat a tarot reading as the professional help you may need. If you have any questions for me or just a chat, feel free to send a message me to :) I look forward to chatting with you all. Merry part and blessed be all. ps. If you choose to message me, please be at least semi coherent, I'm not google translate. Lastly this is not a dating site, I simply have no interest in you. Stop before you make yourself look like a fool.