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Name: Sun/Moon
Birthday: May 11 2001
Location: Noitacol
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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You may address me as Zacane.

I am a 17-year-old Sorcerer from Maryland, USA. Don't let my age fool you, I have experienced a lot over the years, including possession, and have big plans for myself and this world. I serve myself, Earth, and the Universal System. All others who dare to impose themselves upon me will regret it.

I cannot get rid of a certain feeling. The pull of another soul. I do not know where or who is on the other side. I wonder... should I try to follow this pull and meet that lovely soul, or should I stay back and not take the risk? Even if I try to follow it, how can I know for sure?

"Magic is not a path or a tool of the divine. It is being aware of the web and becoming the spider rather than the fly." - Zacane


My Studies:

Zolism : My personal philosophy which I have taught to others. In short, the goal of Zolism is to harness your "Zol" (Body, Mind, Soul, and Connections) to its fullest potential. This doesn't mean I can fly or punch through walls or anything else that's crazy, but it does help me through my life to overcome any challenges in my way.

Enchantment : I am skilled in Energy Manipulation, combine that with Zolism and a logical mind, and I can construct some pretty interesting enchantments. Most of my magic is based on "energy structures" which I then program to perform a process. If I can touch (tag) an object then I can enchant it. This is the skill I most often offer to my allies, and I have been known to enchant random stuff out of boredom.

Divination : I personally prefer Tarot cards, although I currently don't have any, I have used various other methods such as a pendulum and various forms of scrying. I make no promises about my accuracy and won't read for just anyone. I also have pretty good Precognitive abilities, although I have a habit of "ignoring" it, while they can lead to seemingly knowing the next few seconds before they happen I must also beware letting them get out of hand and showing me a bunch of irrelevant possibilities.


Mailing Me:

  • I would prefer you to have a subject relevant to the conversation. No "hi" conversations.
  • I try to use proper grammar whenever possible, and I expect the same from you.
  • I would rather not talk about myself, but I will still try to answer any questions asked of me.
  • I will not perform magic for you. Magic is a personal thing and if you need to ask me to cast all your spells for you then magic isn't for you. If you ask the right questions, I might be willing to offer magical advice.
  • Respect equals respect. We are all our own gods. We are all equal.
  • I am currently not accepting any new apprentices. Although, an exception may be made if one proves worthy, or persistent.


About Me:

I am a Senior in high school who is studying "IT & Networking". One of the best in my IT class, although grade-wise it is pretty even between the top four. Of course, I have experience with certain things most of my classmates do not and this has given me the reputation of "Hacker", although I usually deny those claims. I also rebuilt the school website from scratch, and dread the day they let someone else "redesign", and likely ruin, the school site.

I try to share knowledge whenever possible, much to the dismay of those around me and have attempted to teach several students in the Higher Arts. While I prefer in-person apprentices I have been doing a majority of my teaching through SMS such as Facebook Messenger. Hopefully, I will be able to take on several active in-person apprentices in the coming years.

I am single, never been in a relationship, and am not actively pursuing love right now. Although I can't help but feel an increasing "pull" to seek out my soulmate/twin flame. I have to wonder... what awaits me in the near and far future? So many questions are coming to me at this time in my life, and yet I have seemingly no way to answer them.