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"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." - Friedrich Nietzsche


Sevento: What say you on the matter of humans?

Hadterol : As always, I believe an end to their mortality is in order.

Sevento: You mean an end to their mortal lives?

Hadterol : Well, I am the Eternal of Death after all...

Sevento: That is your opinion, but what of the others? Soltera? Numero?

Soltera: I say we show them how to enhance their mortality so they never need fear death.

Sevento: But how can they enjoy the afterlife if we force them to suffer on Earth?

Numero: Perhaps we could simply teach them how to conjure the resources they need. Then they shall not need to experience the metaphysical since they'll have an endless supply of physical wonders.

Sevento: Without death how can humans truly live? Without need and the feelings of magic than how will they remain human? Surely the Eternals of Life and Existence can see these flaws.

Saberue & Aeratol: Perhaps we cast half of them into Light and half into Darkness? Then let them decide which is greater?

Sevento: The flesh and soul need both Light and Darkness to thrive you two. Just as you two, the Eternals of Light & Darkness, require each other to survive. To do that would be taking away half their humanity and leave them forever at odds with each other.

Nerata: Then how about we simply transcend humanity beyond their mundane existence into magical non-existence? Surely that will solve their problems,

Sevento: Nerata, Eternal of Non-Existence, how could that play out any better than what Numero suggested? How can humans remain human if they are taken from their natural balance and evolution?

The Eternals: Than what do you suppose Sevento, the Anomaly, we do about the subject of humanity? Surely you have a better plan than ours, lest you truly do not know how valid our ideas might be?

Sevento: On the matter of humans there is only one true answer I can offer. Silence. We who stand so far away still display their human flaws. The Eternals are blinded by prejudice and bias just like the mundanes you seek to manipulate. So, I suggest that we remain silent and allow them their peace; for until we above can surpass our flaws, those below shall not surpass us nor shall we surpass them.

The Eternals: Very well, you who is an Anomaly in our system and can speak for both sides appears to know best. Let us continue to build this universe for the sake of both the lesser souls and our eternal pride. Through silence, we shall watch their lesser lives evolve and hopefully find the key to our own evolution.


About Me:

You may call me whatever you wish. Be it master, devil, weird, sorcerer, keeper, reaper, anomaly, Sevento, freak, genius, monster, Zachary, or even demon. It makes no difference to me. Merely note that the universe works in amazing ways and will repay you for every action.

What do I practice? You really don't want to know. Really? Are you still reading? Very well, but don't say I didn't warn you. I am an Anomaly in the universal system. I can access universal resources that should be off-limits to most. I call my practice Zolism, and I try to teach pieces of it to others whenever possible. After all, it is no fun being the only troublemaker for the "Higher-Ups". Be it reading quantum data or recalibrating your Zol to surpass the natural limits of your body, mind, and soul I can teach you to release the chains that bind you. Of course, you will likely suffer a terrible fate as many groups seek to either destroy or control Anomalies.

Still interested? Okay then, but first I must tell you what you should expect from attempting to become an Anomaly. Expect to have your soul shattered, burned, beaten, poisoned, sliced, diced, and did I mention vaporized? Countless times until it can resistance everything the multiverse can throw at it. Expect to have your sanity murdered a thousand times and break every oath you've ever made at some point in your quest. Expect to have your body on the brink of death constantly struggling to balance and contain the chaotic mess you will become. If you want all that and more keep reading.

Very well then. Although most of what I said might happen most likely won't happen. While I did suffer such things it should be rather unnecessary for my students to have to experience it as well.

I recommend clicking on my website link and joining. Although it is pretty empty right now.

First, I'll explain the idea of a Zol. The Human Zol is made up of a body, a mind, and a soul, as well as the connections between them. In other words, it is a simple way of referring to one's "whole self". In nature, our Zols hardly come close to their full potential. However, as conscious creatures, we have the power to take action and unlock much of our potential. That is where Zolism comes in. By learning to analyze our Zols we can discover ways to optimize them and surpass what we once believed to be our human limits.

A sub-branch of Zolism is the Anomaly. Which may be explained later on.