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Sun/Moon's Profile

Member Info
Name: Sun/Moon
Birthday: May 11 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 19 Mar 2018
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

"Magic is not a path or a tool of the divine. It is learning to see the web around you and becoming the spider rather then the fly." ~Me

"An investment in knowledge pays the most interest." ~Benjamin Franklin


About Me:

I love mail! Unless you are trying to assassinate me.

My Photos Are Public

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons

Favorite Song: Monster, by Imagine Dragons

Hobbies: Weapons (Swords/Polearms), Magic, Studying IT & Networking, Skyrim, Eating & Sleeping.

A Secret: I have found ways to do some amazing things. Many of my peers tend to question my humanity. Some comment on me being like a machine, or some sort of otherkin. Of course I don't go around acting like a psychopath anymore, that was a dark time, but I might never rid myself of my almost inhuman traits. Be it fangs, growling, unnatural reflexes, or my crazy mind over matter tricks. I am HUMAN, and seek to help humanity break into the next cycle.


Even More About Me:

I study IT & Networking as a Junior in high school. The metaphysical has been both a blessing and a curse for me over the years. I possess various "gifts" that I have been trying to figure out for half my life. I was dealing with entities, both good & bad, long before I knew how dangerous everything was. I spent several years, most noticeably in middle school, being influenced by some very twisted creatures who wished to make me a weapon for their cause. Luckily, I was able to finally rebel completely against their control and banished them to a state where they could harm no one else. Those events could perhaps be seen as part of a greater plan by certain higher entities, because despite the suffering I endured I have gained wisdom I could not have hoped for without this experience.

I am among the top of my IT & Networking class. I recently won 1st Place at the FBLA Maryland State Conference for Computer Problem Solving . It should also be mentioned I won 1st place at Regionals as well. I must now prepare for the National Conference it would seem... hopefully I can do well.


Misc Statements:

My opinion of "Otherkin" : I don't care what you claim you are. Don't expect special treatment and don't beg for the impossible to be believed. Yes, I have no problem believing there are paranormal creatures out there, but I also believe 99.8% of them are most likely rather far off from the pop culture representations. You wanna play Vampire or Werewolf go ahead. I have trained in dealing with paranormal threats... I once hurt a friend by carelessly using Silver Magic, and if you wanna cause trouble I might deal with you in a similar manner.

Combat Magic : Much of my magical studies border what most would call impossible or fluff. However, I said border because my studies are well within reality. Combat Magic is not referring to things similar to what is seen in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" but rather focuses on manipulating energy and focus to enhance ones fighting ability. You might not be punching through walls but you might be able to hold your own against more experienced fighters thanks to reflexes and efficiency brought on by a metaphysically charged body and a heavily focused mind.

Religion : I personally do not identify with any religion, although I am considering trying to forge my own, and my beliefs are rather open. I do not debate the existence of gods or spirits, but I try to avoid dealing with such entities for my own benefit. I like to think that there are an infinite number of sides and that good and evil are all in our heads. There is no Light or Dark, only the actions we choose to perform and the effects of those actions. If you're interested in my idea for a new "religion" I might be willing to explain it. Although I've yet to work out 95% of the thing.


A Challenge:

To all whom claim to be above humanity. Be it your silly beliefs that you are somehow an all-knowing, or potentially all-knowing, being who can remake the laws of our shared universe or just that you are some inhuman creature capable of wish-granting and/or omniscience. I dare you to prove it. Don't give me the "I am still reconnecting with my godliness." line, or I might have to teach you a lesson in Curses.

So, what is this challenge? You claim to possess great power and I would like to see you use it. I dare you to look at me... look at my heart, soul, and mind and tell me what you see. Only then can I begin to trust the words you speak. Beware this challenge, for I have a bad habit of unleashing things upon those foolish enough to wander my domain in search of my gifts.


A Poem:

Dare the lonely man to wander a sacred path.

So he may return to our world without wrath.

Dare to journey beyond the walls of one's mind.

After all, who knows what you might find.

Dare to fight the evil beasts of the night.

Only then will you know who is right.

Dare to travel to another's heart.

This does not require you to be smart.

Dare to rise a shield in defense of another.

Perhaps then you shall gain a true brother.


Wow! You are still reading! FYI I will read any message sent my way. So, do you honestly want to know even more about me? The really deep things I don't tell most people in public, or even private, because of how crazy or personal it is? Well, you are in luck! Keep reading to find out some of my lesser known truths.

I have gone through countless names in my quest. The name given to this body by its parents is Zachary. I have been given many other names throughout my lives. Some referring to my soul, others to my "True Self". In this life I have used several names such as Saberue, Zacane, Inzona, Sevento, Elucido, Zolun'ay, and Zevon. Of course my true self is far beyond the scope of any "name" by now.

I am, and have been, many things. Be it a Harbinger, a Seer, a Sorcerer, a Thief, a King, or even a Beggar. I am not one for labels because of this experience. I don't care what you are, but rather how useful and powerful you can become. I have learned many things over the course of my existence and I am gaining greater access to my past strengths with every pasting day. My power makes me a target for many groups. Thus I have become more than capable of challenging nearly any spirit, demon, god, angel, etc. that tries to get in my way. My greatest gift is adaptability and with it i have gained immunity to various forces.

Magic is second natural to me. I have been using my gifts since birth and although I have struggled at times to understand myself and the forces around me,I have found myself rising ever higher. In this life I hope to use my strength to forge a stronger humanity. Sadly, I expect many sacrifices will have to be made before humanity can ascend to its next evolution as a species. Many are likely to be lost in the coming events, but I hope to save at least some. What I expect to come from these future events is numerous scattered groups with varied beliefs that will attempt to rebuild the ruins of humanity as they see fit. This is the time I am most curious about since it is sure to be interesting. Of course my vision is not yet clear enough to say for sure if any of this will happen. After all, I am only human... but what is a human?