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Name: Lorahtny1
Location: Germany
Gender: Female
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I am Lorahtny from Germany. I am based on spells in all ramifications you need. I am a magician looking for wisdom and power, to benefit myself and those I love, i seek to run my life my way and not let the world dictate my fate, I am friendly to all who are friendly with me, show respect and respect will be given back, that is my moto. Read my bio before mailing me with whatever content. Natural Magick As of right now I am the solo leader of Natural Magick, in the position of High Priest . If you have any questions or concerns about this coven, I'm always open to mail. Also, if you find yourself with a problem related to this coven, please do mail me. If you want to join, make sureyou sent the application to me, with the provided subject. ______________ I am an eclectic pagan, a paranormal researcher, a demonolator and a neutral witch. I've been practicing magick for 5 years, practicing divination for over 6 years. Hint: Do not flirt with me for I am taken, respect that. Do not mail me without a subject , that mail won't even be openned. Do not ask me to cast for you or give you a tarot reading, I do not do that to strangers. _____________ I forge my own path. I do not follow a specific one. I honor and work with demons, as well as I honor a Goddess. I combine things in to my path that I am attracted to and that make sense to me. I follow my logic and go with my guts. I practice: Divination ( Tarot cards ) Paranormal ( Interacting with spirits and helping them ) Demonolatry ( Working with demons and also studying them ) Sigil Magick ( Making and activating Sigils ) Curses/Hexes ( Both casting and breaking ) Candle Magick ( I use a lot of candles in my magick ) Dreams ( Study and decoding them )