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writing to me has always been a sort of conundrum, but I've never known what it was like to create something. so here I am wondering what it is that these spells do and how someone has came up with them basically. I've always questioned everything and being that as it may I continue to hope for new inspiration whether it comes for spells or for writing. I am an advance lucid dreamer. I think the most important thing about doing magic is to have apathy. that includes almost everyone the rule of thumb is described by your fingerprint. if and also you are still then perhaps what comes next isn't matter but, invincible studies as in biomechanics. when entangled into the grasp what you clutch for is something so old you do not believe your eyes.
see me for completing quests. I have Ideas that came in big to small packages, but, their all old news now. I've journeyed past decision and identified myself as a being of insight on global apathy. It would be ever so welcoming for you to welcome me, just so i understand who i can be... I can help with the legend of anything whether you need to know where it goes or where it is; how to get it, or where to get it from.
looking for a specification on class of magic and how to profit from intellect. I have some works if you need a reference. Of course we can always adventure if their is a need but keep it quaint for the process of littlejwqpr, or wander away from a frolic of popular schizophrenic.
If in happen stance you've somehow gained an ability, and, would like to share I'd be interested. For each talent you have appropriate I would apply my ideal spirit and soul to accompany you as you go down a new path; if one chooses to do so. I would like to see you at A metaphysical email for people to connect through written goals, addressing to either Mr. Phillips, or ISTB What you choose would be interesting to me, if it happens you choose one or the other it could be because one has the basics of what you want, the other being whether you want to go. In conclusion feel free to write it down on paper, or message me on here.