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Writing to me has always been a sort of conundrum, but I've never known what it was like to create something. so here I am wondering what it is that these spells do and how someone has came up with them basically. I've always questioned everything and being that as it may I continue to hope for new inspiration whether it comes for spells or for writing. I am an advance lucid dreamer. I think the most important thing about doing magic is to have apathy. that includes almost everyone the rule of thumb is described by your fingerprint. if and also you are still then perhaps what comes next isn't matter but, invincible studies as in taking a chance with some random error in your self processing establishment.
When entangled into the reason to believe things are inevitable would perhaps reason for yourself to establish a new grounds, so when you grasp what you clutch for it's almost like a surmise of some prolong anguish you've encountered, if it's something you admire than I would like to think that you could continue inside your self worth and explore until you pivot onto a point of interest. If something is so old that you do not believe your eyes I certainly express hope to your inevitable turn tables.
As for these so called MMORPG that I see everyone playing if you like role playing so much why don't you offer something in return; just like myself. If you thought it would be cool to be god or someone like the idea of god then perhaps what you seek is acknowledgment being that I use some levity to situational awareness I've gained bonus awareness of situations around. Become the person you we're meant to be by being a person that people pretend to be. Cheesy if there were such a thing... ha got me doing it to myself again. Things that are real that I make real including: reading; procrastination; endurance; mapping; the mirror I keep imagining myself in, the past documents you may or may have not received about myself, the basic groups of foods I can't keep eating if that means I'll die, and the opportunity to explore flowers while it allows us to be aware we must hunt to include ourselves in survival. thus taking for granted the great mystery of ourselves.
As if a sight is something you want, just by characteristic sake alone. An example of becoming something more imaginative is that you leave your self looking backwards. To begin why don't you take a photo of you looking for a specific point in time, though you can't see time it's not from the entirety that you can believe that that one thing will make a difference. I begin by grouping myself as person who would understand more than what is revealed: the two choices to start with are Ihuh, and Fovj so if you manage to deflect some negative aspect of detaining yourself to this specification on class of magic; then I, could see how, you can upgrade your, [c] lass of magic. Warning their should always be one way that things fall into place and three places time can go. If you continue to take in stride this potential energy what could remain is your courage and understanding, along with what it means to be part human and what it means to dignify yourself with a answer. Contain your problems you encounter and your belief system will fall in place (fairys, dragons, elves, werewolves, vampires) the list for things to adventure from could go, on and, on.
I like people as much as the next guy, but the reason I've choosen my life is still a mystery to me. I uncover more and more each day and finding out what it is a hobby of mine, to be explicit please maintain your upkeep if that means that you cut your hair and wash your face, but don't think that somebody has ever cast you out of their life because one reason their interested is because things have managed to take a turn for the worse and one detail of life I begin at is the gratefulness of my family, and I enjoy helping others. Please continue to describe what has happened best to one of my current plot holes of life at [] . I choose to control the dead as a choice I made when practicing magic, if that means you want to know exactly what that means to mean I would gladly accept your offer to occur one of life's greatest tragedies. Any means necessary I can cope with a barren wasteland as best I can, And I've managed to survive; many times over the possible amount of bodily harm that comes to a individual, and have healed. Whether you have astral weapons, murder degrees, or confusion; I can eradicate long standing selfishness and continue to strive for myself an endearing amount of happiness to myself.
I hope you imagine me. Ian P