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hello! I'm Bethany. I'm new to the wicca religion. To be honest I'm from the Christian religion I still believe some things, but I feel more comfortable and wicca makes more sense to me. So to be honest I'd go by a christian wiccan, I really don't care. Christian wiccan or just a wiccan either way is fine with me. I uses to pay attention to the wicca religion before but my whole family is very religious on the Christianity. So I left but now I'm back cause I really do believe this more, most of my beliefs are generally like the beliefs in this religion so I figured I mind as well just be a wiccan, and not hide it..
Another main reason I wanted to rejoin. Of course it makes more sense to me than Christianity but still believe in both. Plus I love to help over people. Meaning a healing spell, or a charm/protection spell on a necklace, gemstone, or in general for someone I care for is amazing idea for me. I love to try and help others, I surely would never put a hex on someone no one deserves that. No matter what they do, that's just my thinking through. Plus Its just makes sense to me, and plus I do feel happier in this religion. (Of course I'm still like half Christian and half wiccan. I know a lot of people think you can only be in one religion. But in all honesty I. Don't. Care. My beliefs are my beliefs, I can be in two religions if I believe in both.)