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Name: Deanhybrid
Birthday: Apr 20 2000
Location: Canada
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My name is Dean Ryder and I am a master of the arcane/mystic arts, I have studied all forms of magic and concepts of it through my entire life. I have mastered a variety of magic and learned how to control it. I have been truly awoken for many years, I try my best to let others see but they lack the mental strength and will to do so.i am a one-man army who does what he can to keep the balance and protect humanity from threats it is blind to. I fight in the light and dark. if you wish to talk then feel free to message me. have a nice day. Witchcraft is using crystals, oils, candles, incense and casting weak spells. The Mystic arts is about tapping into energies and using them to break the barriers of what is possible, real magic breaks the laws of physics, science, reality, life and death, creation and destruction etc. Just so you know the difference