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Name: Deanhybrid
Birthday: Apr 20 2000
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
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My name is Dean Ryder and I am a master of the arcane/mystic arts, I have studied many forms of magic and concepts of it through my entire life. I have mastered a variety of magic and learned how to control it. I have been awoken for many years, I try my best to teach others but they lack the higher vibrationallevelsand dimensions access. I specialize in manifestation, chakras, enegry, vibrations, quantum phenomenon, and dimensions, and supernatural abilities. A few of my experience is in the following
- Energy work
- Union magic(Angel and demon)
- Elemental magic
- Source Magic(The Akashic Records/True God)
- Angelic magic
- Divination and tarot
- Palm reading
- Mediation magic
- Three souls magic(Higher,middle and lower)
- Psychic connection
- Jinn Magic
- Demonic magic
- Words of power magic
- Traditional magic(herbs, crystals, candles, mirrors, incense, chants)
- Sigil and rune work
- Serving multiple begins of light and dark