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What i feel here is different from what it should be...lol,I have been into Craft for over 20 years, getting on here i have helped few people to make their path in witchcraft and other aspect because i was told most of those who claimed to be Wiccan and pagan can't cast a successful spell, i will never tell you what i can't do because my craft is inherited and i will help you if you need my help. The only thing i hate in life is when people don't follow my instructions. please before you message me have a clean mind and believe your problems is solved...I have started holding online teaching to make those who wish to learn have the opportunity to learn whatever they want to learn.. I love solving problems on anything magic can do like healing,tarot reading ,astral projection, body switching and getting lotto number, just to mention a few.. less i forget if you want money spell i make a successful one which most people don't believe in and I've never failed in this line before. I am highly skilled in craft as well as dark and white art to make a balance.I'm OLDWITCH.