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Name: Darkress
Location: India
Gender: Female
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* I'm Ann * I'll be in college next year * I'm eclectic grey witch. * I mostly do luck spells, dream spells, plant spells. 90% of the time i create the spells. * I also do the basic stuff like cleansing, casting circle and all * I'm not that good at astral projection and seeing other entities but I'm working on it * I'm mostly interested in different types of kinesis. * I love tarots, crystals, voodoo dolls and runes * I'm always on Youtube. I love Sci-Fi movies, Fairytales and Animes the most * I'll probably be online at night like around 9:00-12:00 IST cus i have a really tight schedule. Always feel free to message. i love making friends. just don't flirt and i don't roleplay. And im a really sensitive person. * And.. I'm an artist too.. my fav thing to do is painting and making craft items. I'm a cat lover. i also love butterflies and fishes. Dragonfly is my spirit animal I GUESS.