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Name: MagickFox
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THIS IS THE NEW ACCOUNT FOR MAGICTHERIAN. About Me: I am a fox therian, if you have any questions you are free to ask. 15 Sun Sign: Aries Moon Sign: Virgo Rising Sign: Gemini Celtic Animal Sign: Fox Eclectic Green Witch Favorite Sabbats: Beltane, Mabon, Samhain. Favorite Herbs: Lavender, Sage Soul Gem: Any Quartz, But Especially Clear. Birthstone: Aquamarine Studies: Divination, Herbalism, Healing, Runes, Sigils, Ritual Magick, Deities. Likes: Nature, Different Fandoms (just ask), Steampunk, Rock Music, German Music, Writing, Reading, Singing, Drawing, Painting, Crystals, Herbs, Magick (obvs), Paranormal/Supernatural Things, Nice People, Animals, And More. Dislikes: Sports, Mean People, Homophobia, Hate In General, Animal Abuse, Industrialization, Cities, Ignorance. I speak English (Horribly, I might add), Basic Chinese and French, and I can read, write and speak basic German and select phrases, I want to learn more though. Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again; Blessed Be! Message Me anytime, my DMs are ALWAYS open, though I may not get back to you right away! :) ______________________________________________________________________ Chakras Tested On 07/25/17 01:37 (24 hr clcok format) Root: under-active (-19%) Sacral: under-active (-25%) Navel: under-active (-31%) Heart: under-active (0%) Throat: open (25%) Third Eye: open (25%) Crown: open (56%)