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I wpul d like someone who knows how to cast spells professionally tha is. I have kik just ask for it. I dont mind friends at all I'm bored barley have friends People always leave I dont care. I was told they would give love and care... But but they didn't. They ignored me. Careful I bite. I've only fallen in love twice ever in my life. I don't think anyone could replace them ever. Single or not put this on your profile White- I want a relationship with you Green- I'm falling for you Purple- I miss you Orange- I really like you Pink- I love you Yellow- you're amazing Blue- you're friendly Grey- we need to talk more Silver- I want to get to.know you better Red- you're awesome Black- I hate you Hot pink- have my babies Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome Dark grey- Meh Royal purple- kiss me Blueberry- cuddle with me Royal blue- hug me Blood red- I want you as my slave Ruby red- insert your own choice Or choose one of these Orange ~ your cute Pink ~ I'd kidnap you Yellow ~ I'd run you over Aqua ~ I love you Blue ~ we should totally hang out! Red ~ go die in a hole Green ~ we should get to know each other better Purple ~ your my friend Violet ~ your my best friend White ~ marry me Black ~ go to hell Gold ~ your my type Silver ~ your hot Indigo ~ you sound awesome Navy ~ jerk Look at my photos xD you kidnapped me, What will you do??? 1) rape me 2) kill me 3) let me go 4) tie me down 5) tea party 6) make out 7) video games 8) movies 9) never let me go 10) poke 11) Hold Me there Forever? 12) Change my name and marry me xD Why am I always hurt by the people i happen to fall for :(