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Name: SweetMalice
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
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I was born with a veil and have the ability to foresee events and feel intense emotions about fate. I have been blessed with magick same as my ancestors were and the women in my family for generation upon generation now have healed others and practiced herbalism as well. A lot has been lost because nothing was ever written down or shared. I currently live in country side of PA and there are no covens to be found so this is where I learn new spells and make friends. I am always looking to expand my knowledge. I am happy to be here! Please listen: I will help anyone if I can but I am not here to make predictions for anyone. I also am not here to cast spells for anyone.( I believe in you why don't you believe in yourself?) I am not here for a relationship. I just want to help others learn and am learning myself. I am friendly so feel free to message me. I always could use a friend to talk to.