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If you know anything on wild asparugus root im trying to learn about it and how it effects your mood...Meditation is something I do commonly when I draw, and so when I tune into something it greatly effects my art. And I become obsessed with the art, so if you want a better look at my soul and who I am, if you wish to get a better reading on who I am feel free to look at my photos...for some reason it won't let me post much in there like it won't accept most pictures of my own artwork... so there isn't much currently but I'm sure I'll get more I don't do much with spells and when I do I write my own. I suggest if you want a spell you create your own, it's more likely to work because it was created by you with your energies. I manifest mostly, though I do not think I'm quite balanced enough to reach my full potential, but I have found manifestation works best for me. I treat my diet and the liquids I drink as medacine I beleive diet is the feet you stand on when it comes to being able to connect to your spirit and do/use magick of any kind. I do believe poor diet, since your body is starved of nutrience and filled with toxins alot that it lovers the vibrations you have which makes your mind easier to manipulate and be brainwashed. I also believe it's always important to have plants around and to take good care of them.