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i love to listen to depressing music it's calming. Lol if you know any depressing songs don't be scared to tell em about them ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi,I'm Shi I'm pretty new to witch craft. I've been busy with school so i haven't really had the time to practice, although i have been able to study rarely that is. I hope to be able to learn more and start practicing. :) What I want to learn: 1)Draconic Magick 2)Moon Magick 3)Elemental Magick 4)Astral projection I will learn this mostly myself ^^ Name: Shi or Hollow if you may star sign: Libra Element: Air Gender: female Path: as of right now I'm not on a certain path Experience: I'm pretty much completely new so I might need someone to teach me a few things Likes: Drawing, animals, anime, music, making music, reading, video games Dislikes: bullies, being very social, crowds Hobbies, im an artist, im a musician i can play quite a few instruments I play the violin, cello, bass, alto saxophone, piano, drums, flute, clarinet Favorite things: Assassins creed, the colors: crimson red, scarlet red, midnight blue, dark purple, green, and the shade black. Cheesecake, art, music Personality: im pretty shy but im also very protective. usually sweet but thats not when you mess with me or my friends. im also very childish when i want to be that is, i can be quite um (sorry for my language) Bitchy favorite animals: Wolves are first in this list, ever since i was small wolves have always found their way into my life and they still do. Second on this list are cats, always ive had a cat by my side no matter what. Last but not least Owls, these three animals have always been in my life, i've always felt a sorta connection with them and i don't know the reason why When im not being socially awkward im usually sitting in my room. Im always up for a chat, but be careful, insult me in anyway will regret it. Anyhoo im usually friendly... kinda my inbox is usually empty so don't hesitate to message me