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Name: VerticQueen
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Hello everyone, I am VerticQueen, I honestly don't know why I chose that as my username, but hey, it felt right to me. Welcome to my humble profile page, were you can gather some information about me as a person as well as what I practice. Please pay attention to the following guidelines, I am very busy, don't have time to look at "Mail" that isn't percise and clear. I will not respond to mail that breaks these guidelines;

  1. Subject - Please put a subject when mailing me. Please also make sure that the subject has something related to what you are messaging me about.
  2. Do not flirt - I am happily taken by someone, plus this isn't a site for dating or flirting.
  3. Do not ask me for fake spells - Spells that consist in fantasy such as spells that are suppose to affect the physical plane of existence can not happen.

I am fairly kind, but I can't deal with people who don't have a grasp on what magic really is. I have been practicing magic for 3 years. Within those 3 years I have gathered some practices that I am currently studying. Here is what they are;

  • Blood Magic
  • Spirit Work & Spirit Communications - I work with spirits and communicating with said spirits.
  • Healing - I mostly do "energy" style healings, but I do dabble in crystals.
  • Astral & Ethereal Projection
  • Seidhr
  • Natural Magics - Herbs and gems and stone.
  • Meditations
  • Greek Myths/Lore
  • Spell Work