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Name: PureDarknss
Birthday: Dec 1 1994
Location: Caol,Scotland
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Hi im a theistic/spiritual satanist who is looking to increase and strengthen my spirituality through magick. I dont judge others and i look forward to comparing notes. My main areas of practice: Necromancy Black Magick Enochian Magick Blood Magick Sigil Magick Death Magick Death Words of Power Vampyrical blood magick Shadowmancy Infernal necromancy Vile black magick Demon magick Fear MagicK Destrucion magick Daconic Magick Black Planar Magick Abysmall Magick Maergzjiran Black Magick Undead and Demon Supernatual Power Invocations Psionic Black Magick Sylvan Necromancy Keraktian Neccromancy High Necromancy Necromantic Transmutation Shapeshifting Soul Augmentation Reanimating and ressurecting the dead Workings I Do: Summonings Death Curses Soul Reading