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Name: IamTheRaven
Location: Vero Beach, FL
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I love the practice of magick and know that it works. I have been given a role of working to balance negativity and "positivity" in the world and I take that seriously. I have always known that these, and many other, energies are real. I can see them. When I was younger, I used to talk about such things and receive "cluelessness" and fear back from people oftentimes. I took (wasted, more like it) time in this life to be swayed by the influences of society. I live in the USA. I tried to never talk about energies, spirits, workings, invocations of spirits and gods/goddesses, and philosophies with others because they didn't understand. Now, I work in this realm and no longer care whether others believe what I see. It is amusing at times... I will look up a spell for a purpose I want only to find out that I have already been doing very similar work. However, there are things I learn anew too. - I see auras, spirits sometimes, and energies existing on and in the Earth. I don't understand all of them but have found ways to work with many of these things. I accept them to be a part of my world just as much as my job or people or motherhood are. I have two adult children. My job is as a Writer which numerology says is my number one career calling . I am a Grant Writer and Manager for a large not-for-profit inFlorida. This "real world" work I do is important to my mission of always helping the underdog or "the least of these". My not-for-profit servespeople with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. - Over all of my adult lifetime I have helped people and animals who are struggling or suffering... even during the time I was trying to be a "normal USA citizen". I volunteer with the elderly and the handicapped, I feed the homeless without them ever knowing who I am, I feed animals in the wild, I help suffering animals (one time I saw a seagull whose wing had just been run over by an 18-wheeler's tire) - in downtown Miami Florida - in rush hour. I stopped all traffic, picked up the bird and put it in my car. I then drove as fast as I could toward a Veterinarian's office. On the way though, I saw that the bird would not survive. So I pulled over and saw her through her death. I take in stray or shelter animals and care for them. I have taken in 3 high school kids (with their parents' permission) and tutored them either through graduation or GED exams... and the list goes on. - I constantly seek knowledge. I love to read and to do research. I love the writings of the great philosophers and really enjoy Greek Mythology. I am at peace finally. I no longer accept societal norms as guides for how I should live. I have a spirit animal that strongly speaks to me. Raven has been with me throughout my entire life whether or not I acknowledged him. I also have ancient Druid ancestors who sometimes speak to me. I know that magick is real and work hard to understand why certain configurations work better than others. I know that all living things have energy. I know that what we see in life, through the lenses given to us by societal rules and norms, is a small part of all that exists here on this Earth. I try to always do my best but do not always succeed. I see the opposing energies here and I feel them. I feel people's suffering acutely as I am an Empath. I feel the needs of others and try to help. At least I finally know where I belong. I am the Raven.