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RUE NI SAWARU NA! Tch, chodo watashitachi o sara sete, baka. Ru to watashi wa isshodesu. Darekaga nanika o shiyou to suru to, anata wa burokku sa remasu! My twin brother Ren and I, Rue, will be using this account. (Way to tell us apart- grammar rudeness) My brother here refuses to use any form of grammar, unless pushed. I, on the other hand, prefer to speak properly. Rudeness doesn't help though, since we can both be equally mean. Watashi wa anata o kiratte sumimasen! Photos are private creepy stalkers ----- Now that she's done. Hey. I'm ren. I don't care if you're mean, we are gonna be mean back. If you can't tell who's who ask us and we tell you. Watashitachi no yujindearu koto o kokoromite wa ikenai! - EDIT- What we can do in magic: - Enhanced durability, endurance and senses. - Enhanced strength - Enviromental Adaption - Fire Manipulation - Dream Manipulation - Illusion Manipulation - Induce Insanity - Curse Inducement - Plant Manipulation - Intangibility - True Illusions - Spirit Physiology ----------- Wareware wa e no yo ni mieru. Hidari no Rue, migi no watashi. Sore wa i kyokudesu, daijobudesuka? Watashitachiha denki ni kyoku o oku riyu o shiranai ga, soreha watashitachi ni atte iru. -ren Kono uta wa watashi no koibito to watashi no tame ni au. -Rue The promise that the two of us will always dance together is turned into a lie by my growing bosom. With our black hair reflected in the mirror, we take turns combing for each other. We used to be rocked in the same bed. The two of us were connected with our hands held together. Now an unrecognized face is reflected, and the whispering voice deeper. I will shatter that mirror with this hammer in my hand. Tearing down our built toy castle into pieces, our creaking bones are the bell that announces the end to the knight and the princess. In the distorted mirror, with hands folded, our fingers are not of the same length. From now on we will sleep in separate beds? You whisper to me "good night." As you turn the doorknob and open the door, I jump to that sound and grab the edge of your clothes. I kiss your extended fingers, in that instant an impulse runs through my spine. Don't turn off the light if I'm sleeping alone at night. As I scream "no," I will pound my pillow with my right hand. Saying things like "I'm scared of ghosts," you're such a baby, my princess. Your watery eyes, however, are hinting to me something different. Our private time unknown to daddy and mommy, is it finally over? It's a faraway dream. Your body temperature, through the thin blanket, breaks open my lock. As we silently lock the door, our gazing pupils are looking for an answer. I erase my childish excuse together with the light. If I can no longer pick up your hair, then I will also tell lies. Stopping time, we now embrace tightly, as we try to synchronize our ticking heartbeats. With your melting hot breath and hugging warmth, I won't make any further move. It's as if I'm your knight.