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Hello Arielle is my name. Spirit name Radha. So Im going to tell you about me and say at the end what I have to say as nice and sincere as possible. First off my pictures are open. I have no filters when it comes to me speaking my mind. I am open friendly and who I am,I am. I respect all and expect to be respected by all. I love all but most devoted to the one who guides me, my love and lord. I have been a wiccan/pegan for 8 years now. I still can learn more and also am great with advice. I practice mostly healing arts with herbs, different massage both energy and touch and also with crystals and oils.I also read tarot,do moon magic and sabbath rituals. Im here to seek advice from anyone who has more knowledge. Thanks for reading if your still with me here comes the mean part. With that being said please come to me with sense and make it a productive message. Im not here to date. Give and get advice. I repeat GIVE and GET ADVICE...Key word being advice. If your not a creep we can be friends. Besides that I'm a crystal lovin Yoga doin High vibin Cosmic wizarding Hug thuggin Spiritual walkin Healing gangster Im on a journey to change the world join the movement..which you can not be apart of if you think weed is a drug!!!and how can anyone think that when herbs are apart of what is we all study. Just b/c you were taught something from birth doesnt make it true. If you think weed is a drug you should think sugar is to. Oh and the movement is not just amout merijuana its about helping to heal the world and plantet and opening up the eyes to the lies of the leading the political. "Beware the Usefull Idiots" I would read this article if I were you!!