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Name: BeyondShade
Birthday: Feb 9
Location: Why tho?
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Barely online, oh well

Greetings everyone,

if you feel like or want to message, go ahead. Besides that?
I do some magick stuff from time to time and have a lot of knowledge stored in my head. Or maybe I don't, if I need to know something I usually ask my friends who knows everything better so you know... You get my point.
Though for the most time I am extremely bored.

Who am I? What am I? This is your bio, you should tell more about yourself?
No thanks, get to know me personally and besides.... I don't know what to put on here anyways lmao

I can be extremely random from time to time so forgive me if I act weird or anything.
It really depends on who the person might be or my thoughts about them.

I can be a extremely serious person then an insane mess or perhaps a goofy dude.
It all depends really, oh well. Idk. Who cares tbh

But most of the time it's just me. Blank expression. Blank answers. Blank everything.
Until you hit the right subject and get me to talk.

Or I am just a chill and relaxed guy.

And yes I do wear my headphones 24/7