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Name: Eric_Rhys
Birthday: Jul 21 1996
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 04 Feb 2018

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Eric ( well not really thats just a name i like so took it up as my "witch name" ).

Lets see about myself.. I was named after a famous pirate whom no one knows about, ( though my mum did say I came from heaven ) and if I recall correctly I was born at a very very young age ( so young I don't even have any memory of it, fascinating no? ). I like racing with turtles and snails, although i might not win sometimes ( before you accuse me of being lazy, please see the movie turbo ).

Okay enough with the sarcasm; I appreciate that you took an interest in my bio. I'm eclectic in my beliefs, though I'm strongly prejudiced towards older beliefs over new ones, casting spells and exploring the realm of metaphysics? well I'm no expert but I had my fair share of experiences to be open about other's experiences I actually love to know about people's thoughts about things and exchange a bit of brilliance along the way.

So why read this? Just send a text and lets see if we get along or not.

Still here? -,- okay here's a tip go click the message option and type " hello 'input whatever you want to say here' " and click send.

P.S. minimum requirements to get to know me :-

1. Have a decent amount of conversational skill.

2. Be awesome.

Still here? Fine you can read a poem of mine.

"If only dark and light

Not create a beast

An evil so right

A knight who rivals the night

Yet from night it is born

The brightest sage of daylight

Yet in darkness he's adorned

He rides for peace

But within him only Chaos man sees

At his words do all dogma flees

Yet he is condemned

Brightest being of heaven, from Heaven did he fell

sinners in men credits him not

still for them does he rot

All his praise taken away

yet no ill words does he say

Love and light does his being reflect

In return by hate is he wrecked

watching in darkness wishing us well

whom if left out would all life fail

travel to where night is light for here his wisdom he reveals

but even there I wonder, would you listen to his tales"

what? don't arch up your eyebrows I said my mom said I'm from heaven, no one said I liked the place. Why do you think I came to earth?


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