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Name: FelicityS2
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#RestInPeaceKyra I am a 15 year old who discovered Wicca in late 2012. I practice Celtic Wicca, and work mainly with fire (I use the flames of candles to scry). Currently not interested in romantic relationships, so if that is your intent with me then don't bother messaging. Obsessions: Supernatural, Revenge, Haven, Pretty Little Liars, Jasksepticeye, Markiplier, Simply Nailogical, Shane Dawson, music, and books Spiritual "gift": At this point I have no idea. I grew up a Seer, but in October 2016 my visions stopped and I began seeing the dead. Then in around December 2016-January 2017 I stopped seeing the departed and began feeling the emotions of others to the point where I'll lock myself in my room just to not feel how my family feels about me. Sexuality: Pansexual demiromantic Gender: Male WARNING - I suffer from severe bipolar depression and become very dark during an Episode. Please speak with me at your own risk.