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Name: treason
Birthday: Jun 3
Location: Northern BC Canada
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hmmm who am i? sort of the meaning of life, to find out who you are well my night table contains 2 books on tarot, a funny fictional book on pyramids, one on voodoo, pantheism, magical self defence, two on natural healing, one on witchcraft, one on Wicca and one on nature magic oh and "buddhism for sheep" four magazines on herbs and a set of direction for putting together a bamboo hammock stand. a quartz crystal...... the accumulation of who i am, whats on your night table???? first smudge was early 90s, still have a piece of the sage in my collection of stuff, drift in and out of studing earth based spirituality, for the most part cause i was too busy being in the woods. have spent a lot of my life alone in the wilderness, not like the mad trapper type living in a cave, but daily for many years i was alone in the woods, guess that explains my faith in my fellow human, ( not a lot) spent some time in the 90s with a spiritual guide learning about energy and medicinal plants, got involved in a relationship that pulled me away from that track, learned some from living in first nation communities, moved to the city, got involved in a couple covens... never really settled well in any... been pretty solitary since..... spent some time in unwinding the mystic of voodoo, an amazing west African earth based spirituality, spent too much time studying the witch hunts, made me bitter and terse for the last years i have been spending time with local plants, making tinctures, elixirs, essential oils etc. i am getting really excited about fungus of late, mycelium wow ties well into energy magic for me..... i struggle bit with the use of the term magic, to me it is just energy that is there, just is, its what is offered to all of us, like air and the breathe we take, all the time, naturally, the act of being alive....