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Name: Balambar
Location: St. Louis
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I am a solitary practitioner. I have a degree in religion and philosophy. I have studied all aspects of the craft and much more. I love knowledge. I kinda consider myself as a scribe.
I feel knowledge is power, but with power, there is also responsibility. What you do with the knowledge is what makes you who you are.
You use the knowledge wrong, you have to except the consequences of your actions. You use it right, it comes back to you. I don't know when though.
I can't use alot of the things I know because of the ten fold law. My situation is not good right now because I have to much hate and anger
built up inside of me. I have way to much power and knowledge. I am honest with myself. I will destroy myself and to many others. Life is too precious to destroy.
All people are good, it's how they use their gifts and mind that makes them good or evil. There is no color code to magic, just categories and how you use them.
I hope to show people how to use there gifts right wether they use it for good or bad is not my problem. I'm always protected from others magic. I've had my hands on some really old and rare books. I've been there done that, and learned from my mistakes.
I'm dealing with the ten fold law even now, ( what you do comes back ten fold), it's 100% true. Learn!!!!!! I don't show a picture because my looks mean nothing, I'm not ugly or anything but it's just how I feel.