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Name: NoctOrpheus
Birthday: Jul 21
Location: In a realm ruled by money and a judgemental society.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 06 Jul 2018
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Feel free to message me. I love to chat with others and meet new people. If you ever need help with anything I am here for you as well. Message me if you need some help or if you would like to have a nice chat. I have been on this site for about 6 years. I cannot give my real name here but you may feel free to ask me for it in a message. I look forward to learning beside each one of you and teaching others what I know. My zodiac signs are Cancer and Leo therefor I am a water and fire element magician. I specialize most in energy work along with rain, healing, and love spells. May love be ever in your heart. You and every single person deserves love and happiness in their lives. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. I'll see you out there.