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Name: NecroAsh
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My motto is " When the moon sets it is not gone it is merely elsewhere, this is the same with death for we are not lost only resting." I was born into this world related to many practitioners of witchcraft and magick. I am what many would call a hereditary witch. This does not make me any better at magick than a person who was not born hereditary. I believe everyone should face humility often to keep there self ego in check. I have studied the magical arts since I was little, but I have been practicing for about three years now. The skills I have are do to the support of the community of both witches and people of all different beliefs. I specialize in the following: Necromancy : I specialize in this but I am no expert. Druidism : This is the main practice in my family going as far back as the ancient celts in my family. The following are my other practices: Elemental Reiki: An Asian art of healing both physically and spiritually. Astral. Also I can do the following to a certain extent: Tarot. Runestones.