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Name: Evynne
Birthday: Aug 1992
Location: Chicago
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 19 Jun 2019

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Coven Title: Priest

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Personal Bio

Resident tired gamer/artist here! I want to open a restaurant someday called Helheimr and welcome customers with, "Welcome to Hel! My name is Evie and I'll be your server tonight."

I read comics, DM for/play Pathfinder, daydream about arting, and sing (terribly). I have no self control when it comes to tacos and writing fanfiction.

Stuff & Things

Food: All Seafood
Myers-Briggs: INFJ
Hogwarts: Slytherin
Pokemon Go:Instinct
Homestuck: Knight of Rage
(Land of Reverie and Sparks)

Spiritual Doodads

Rokkatru - the majority of the deities I worship are Chthonic and Icelandic-based.

The deities I worship and have built relationships with, I've come to call Death, Jormungandr, Angrboda, Fenris-Ulfr, and Lady Hela. I also adhere to the Dokkalfar and Hrimthursar.

I do honor other deities, though they are still mostly Jotnar.

Witchcraft - not traditional by any means, my personal blend involves a lot of hearth and kitchen magics.

Alchemy - spiritual as well as physical in combining science with magical understanding

Chaos magics - the epitome of "I will use absolutely anything so long as it works and I jive with it" as well as exploring new venues of magical practice. Mostly coupled with alchemy.