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Greetings! I'm new to Wicca but have I've been intrigued a very long time. I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls; one in which has a special gift like myself. I'm not completely certain it is; indeed, a power. The both of us can foresee things before they happen. Also, in our dreams we have visioned the future. I'm also an artist; mainly drawing and upcycling. I have started my own personal hobby that has transformed into a small collection. I make jewelry, lanyards, and just about anything out of old treasures or jewelry. I'm a huge advocate for upcycling and making what's old new again. I live in Alabama so I stay outdoors most of the time. I love the Earth; especially the Moon, Trees, and my Gardens. My newest love is herbs and oils. I'm a very "Green" person that loves all the Earth has to give. I've always been a caregiver of people and Earth as long as I can remember. Nuture, love, and empathy are my strongest attributes. Old soul artist I am. ;-)