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SalemHunter's Profile

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Name: SalemHunter
Location: Rock Falls, IL
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 02 Nov 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am young, but not entirely new to the arcane or magick as some call it. I have studied under a few mentors in my eleven years of practice, but I know that does not make me special or an expert by any means. I would like to talk to others to learn more about different practices of the arcane due to my unending curiosity and thirst for knowledge. I hope to one day know enough to pass on my knowledge to a student of my own, though I would rather be a student until the end. One never does stop learning it seems. I will say that I was always told to be wary of those that seek to know what I know. I was taught in secret for the most part only confiding in a few select individuals over the years. I have learned that it is not wise to blindly trust people, but I have grown rather tired with keeping secrets and avoiding the subject. Below is a short selection of what I have been taught. I have refrained from mentioning darker things that are hard to think about, let alone tell others as well as practices I am not yet proficient in. Those would make the list rather long and maybe reveal too much about myself. How to use runes and sigils for various purposes How to harness emotions to grant strength and aid in casting How to use a wand or staff as well as repairing and crafting them How to form barriers, binding seals, and wards of protection How to manipulate the color and shape of my aura How to use an embodiment of an element Summonings of a few select entities How to collect and absorb the energies within the natural world I would not call myself gifted as all I have going for me is sight and instinct. I've been able to see and feel/sense things around me since I as about 4 or so. I inherited my mother's sense's though she says mine are stronger than hers were at my age. I can feel a swarm of emotions from others inside my head when I'm around too many people at once so I try to avoid crowds. I get migraines from this frequently. As for non-arcane information... My favorite color is pink. I try to eat a lot of fresh food and can't handle too much sugar or sweets. Anything noodle, pasta, or rice based is like ambrosia to me. I have a strong love of wild life and try to walk through trails and woods whenever I can. I dabble a bit in herbal remedies and poisons. I read and write a lot. I'm not being vague here. I do both very often. I'd like to get published someday if possible, but my writing skills are far from refined. I avoid fighting due to my inability to control myself. Everything goes black and I go berserk. I'd like to learn to control this at some point. I love fantasy, sci-fi, romance, action, and adventure books/stories. I'm a sucker for cheesey old horror flicks. I don't watch much television since it bores me to sit still for too long. I have too much energy and am quite hyperactive. I'm told that I'm worse when I drink. I dislike most modern music and media. I feel that the 70's and 80's were the golden era. I love classic rock. I'm bisexual, but that is probably irrelevant. I think myself a gamer, but I grow bored of them easily. I do enjoy chess or strategy game to get my brain working. I'm not a fan of social media and use it strictly for it's messaging features to talk with family and close friends. Anything else seems pointless. Political views.... Politics are gross. Seriously though, I don't get involved in it. I suppose this will do for now. I'm happy to chat with anyone that wishes to fraternize. I will say I won't do spells for anyone and I'm not one you want advise from as I've much to learn. I've almost no experience in white magic or healing arts. My focus has always been darker arts. My main email accounts are dragonbeta8@yahoo.com and sanguisvero@gmail.com. I also use this chat account frequently: http://salemnightweave.chatango.com/