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Name: Risingstorm
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Feb 2021
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I've been a member for some time now and here are some things about myself:
-I am a spiritually open kind of person, I believe there are Angels, Demons, Spirits,The Universe, The God & The Goddess and other Entities/Deities of all kinds. I may not practice in all of these but that doesn't mean I don't acknowledge them, I do and I respect everyone's preferred practice and opinions.I look into other things like Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Dogman, Hellhounds/Black Dogs,Shadow People, Etc.
-My zodiac sign is Cancer.
-I'm currently nineteen but will be twenty this year.
-I may come off as a awkward person but I can be a relatively easy person to talk to. I also have a different way of thinking as well.
I like to meet new people, hopefully come across some new friends. I must say this though, I'm also a hesitant person, so I may respond in a cautious manner but don't be offended, I'm really a nice person!
So far that's all I can put down here, I hope everyone has a great day or night!