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Name: Cataclysm
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Relatively early practicer of magick, I myself am a Hermetic, however I have yet to meet anyone willing to give me any sort of advice or direction regarding it, the only knowledge I currently have is through my own research. I am currently working with runes, however, as mentioned before, my knowledge is limited as the only information I have is from online sources. I am first and foremost a skeptic, and while I like giving things the benefit of the doubt, the few things I've read (namely teleportation spells and spells that raise the dead) are no doubt 100% bogus. I am not a role player. I am not a liar. My specialty so far has been energy manipulation, and I can manipulate my own energy with relative ease, and my practices with simple programmable energy constructs is going decently well, although due to school my practices lately are becoming few and far between. I have yet to add a visible layer to my energy, however I can make them somewhat solid. This bio will update as I progress.
I didn't put my gender because I'm one of those weirdos that don't follow gender norms.
I'm looking forward to meeting new people and furthering my knowledge :)