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I'm a practicing Alchemist and Herbalist that specializes in candle magic.

I also offer free Tarot readings to any who ask. If you're interested, feel free to click on the url and like my facebook link for my tarot page or simply ask me here on SOM.

For those who have been following me for Tarot/tea recipes, I am also offering to do spells. Please keep in mind, I don't dabble in black magic and will not do spells for binding someone against their will or breaking up a romantic relationship.(As a side note: no spell in the world can turn you into a God/Unicorn/Vampire/Dragon Ect...)

Also, feel free to drop in on facebook and give my tarot page a like :)


*Recipe of the Week*

Curse Breaking Oil

What you will need:



- Olive oil. (Extra virgin if you have it. Sunflower/ safflower/ Coconut oil is also good. DO NOT USE VEGETABLE OIL. YOU WANT A PURE BASE.)

(If you don't have these herbs laying around, you can use more common kitchen ingredients such as: Caraway, Basil, cinnamon. You can even use grass....Yes, good, old fashion grass. Just be sure to wash it first.)

Grind up herbs and drop in oil. Seal and put jar away for 3 days. After, strain with muslin or cheese cloth. If you want to help the oil last longer, put a couple drops of apple cider vinegar or Lemon oil. (As a side note, make sure you always label your oils so you don't mix them up.)

If you want to really charge the oil, strain the oil during a full moon to fill the brew with power.

To use, mark the doors and windows of the cursed place. Or, if you feel you are curse, mark yourself across the forehead. (I typically mark myself behind the ears so I'm not going around with a greasy forehead lol)