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I'm a practicing Alchemist and Herbalist that specializes in candle magic.

I also offer free Tarot readings to any who ask. If you're interested, feel free to click on the url and like my facebook link for my tarot page or simply ask me here on SOM.

For those who have been following me for Tarot/tea recipes, I am also offering to do spells. Please keep in mind, I don't dabble in black magic and will not do spells for binding someone against their will or breaking up a romantic relationship.

Also, feel free to drop in on facebook and give my tarot page a like :)


*Recipe of the Week*

Aside from herbal teas, I take pride in my work with herbs and oils. Today I am going to show you a recipe I invented for a Lust/ Aphrodiciac sachet. Want to spice up the bedroom, here's how.

What you'll need:

Pure white cloth (Muslin works well)

Ribbon (Any color will do, but if you want to make it extra potent, use Red for Lust and Love)





This is simple. Gather the herbs needed. Keep in mind that you can use just one of the above herbs, but using all three makes it more potent. Get a strand of your hair and a strand from your lover. PLEASE ASK YOUR LOVER BEFORE DOING THIS. Doing magic without permission will not bode well. If you wish to light a red candle and annoint the candle with Rosemary or Cinnamon while doing this, go right ahead. Keep your goal in mind.

-This sachet is for spicing up the bedroom, not for protection against STD'S or fixing erectile/ sexual dysfunction. As always, speak with a doctor for any SERIOUS medical issues and remember "Safe sex is great sex".

Place your herbs in your cloth and tie it closed with your ribbon. Hang it near your bed or on your bedpost.