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Name: LisaAnna
Birthday: May 4 1980
Gender: Female
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I was born a witch it's in my blood( do I think there's different blood in me then you no It just means there is no other way for me than this life) that being said I in no way think I'm better than anyone nor do I believe I have more power than anyone else I was just born into a house full of Witches who have always been open and honest to me about my path in life. I walk a witch's path but my family being who they are would have loved me if I didn't want to do this. I am here for friends nothing more to share what I know (I DO NOT put spells on people I WILL NOT give out spells) I have spellbooks that have been in my family for years and as such can only be seen by family.
I am not looking for a lover or a boy/ girl friend I will let you flirt because it's fun, but please don't ask for more then that or sex talk me. If you need to know something other than a spell I would be happy to help you in anyway I can. :)