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Name: LupaAura
Location: UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 17 Feb 2017
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Brief introduction about you: Female, cancer survivor, author, long-time goth/alt chick, animal & nature lover, artist.

Your interests in magic: Gypsy magic General spiritualism Vodou/Hoodoo

Explain some of your knowledge: Minimal! haha. I'm here to learn, and very new to all of this!

Your current studies: I'm on a general hunt for knowledge.

Meaningful quotes: It is not other people's actions that shape you, but your reactions to those things. You shape your life. Take control, be strong, never give up.

A little bit of a background story: I was always fascinated by magic. I began looking into Wicca and paganism in my very early teens, the fascination never died but I was put through catholic school and for a long time I almost forgot, but I can't deny that I'm always drawn back to spiritual things. I am very empathic, and I see, hear and sometimes smell spirits. I often seem to affect electrical things, and I feel strongly that I am an old soul. I suppose I'm here to try and find my way.