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Name: Brougha
Location: New Orleans, La
Gender: Male
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It's sad that people don't know the difference between energies some people would say if they don't see it they don't believe in it but then say they believe in a higher power if that's the case then you believe in something you can't see but, I know they just want to cause trouble. It's funny to me because nobody knows who I am but I'm actually the creator of magick well I should say my father was then he transferred the energy to me the council are different than they used to be they don't know how to govern the world with magick so they are trying to get rid of it but remember if you're practicing a religion that consist magick use it to your best advantage cause when it's said to be no more you still have a tradition to follow.
1.I am 20
2.I like all music
3.Soul Element Water
4.Favorite food Cheeseburger
5.Favorite class Math
6.Visual Learner, & Kinesthetic
7.Likes Basketball
8.Mostly Polite to Others
9.Shares A lot
10.Helps Others
Been doing this for 6 years now.
Zodiac: Cancer
Strongest on the fourth
Stones: Moonstone, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby.
Colors: White, & Orange
Days: Thursday, & Monday