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Greetings I am Lupin. A traditional Pagan and practioner.I have been practicing my craft for nearly a decade. Shamanismand Somafera being my main practices. As well as a deep connection to tribalism, totemism/animism. Understanding the relation between man and nature and vice versa. Walking the line that sits in the middle of people and beasts, from this world to the next. The wolf in black sheep clothing.

As I said before, I am a traditional Pagan, not a Wiccan, I do not follow any rede nor the three fold law, so please do not message me confusing the two

My ideaology

"Its said that thunder cannot be told to soften its blow to the ears, that a shift in the winds cannot be forced to turn back on its heels, because the earth will breathe when it wants, that the cacophonous sounds of wild hooves stomping against the lands cannot be tamed into light pitter patter as if it was the drizzle of rain landing on your windows.

That mountains are the tops of trees, with roots that plunge deep into the earths body, so not even the strongest offense will move them. That the beat in your heart, will only be stopped if you allow it.

The wild is a funny place, not because of where it takes you, but because of where you come from in order to get there, when one rides, all these things come into perspective. The road before you and the road behind you. All a stretch of trail cutting through the lands. The sea. The sky. A path blazed by you and you only.

And then come the dry lands. Parched arid lands, scorching sun and bone snaking their way through rough sand as far as the eye can see. When the storms come, it creates sounds so booming youd think the gods are screaming down at you. The sounds of the wild. The spirit of the wild. Is what drives the motor that can travel through these lands.

Even when a mountain is cracked. It does not fall. Even when the plains sweep away the lands that one calls home. The road is open. And the wild ones will ride it."

- Written by myself