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Carpathian forest
Where the trees are endless
Forest titans fall to rest
A bed is made for the queen
Mushrooms gather in circles
Where bears walk
Dereliction houses dark spirits
A comet falls deep into darkness
Stones rise in circles
Where drums roar
Water wispers vibrating
People dance under the moon
In circles
Bone to Rune
Skull to Dust
Ice melts the thoughts of the gods
Root promises blossom

- Heilung

Greetings! My name is Lupin and I am a Pagan Reconstructionalist/Tradionalist, Animal Shaman and Magick Practitioner. I am well versed in Norse paganism with a background including Berserker/gangr work, Shamanistic Heathenry, and Germanic/Scandinavian spirituality. Other aspects of my practice include my connection to nature through hiking, foraging, exploring, and tracking. I also enjoy taking the time to learn about various plants and wildlife locally as well as internationally. When honoring the land I also make it a point to honor the landvaettir. Being connected to nature is an essential part of my practice as an Animal Shaman. For several years now Ive used drum and trance work to aid in my channeling of animal spirits, interpreting the messages and signs they give me.

Trllfolk/ Jtunnfolk

Should you have questions or are interested in any of the topics I have listed please do not hesitate to reach out for discussion.