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Name: GipsyS
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PLEASE STOP MESSAGING ME NONSENSE. THIS GOES FOR FLIRTING, SENDING INAPPROPRIATE MESSAGES, AND NO, YOU CANNOT PHYSICALLY CHANGE YOURSELF. PERIOD. IF YOU WISH FOR SOME LIAR TO HELP YOU WITH THAT, PM THEM INSTEAD. I've had several accounts here since 2009, but have either gotten gagged or have forgotten their passwords. Important Notice: I have been in hiatus from this site lately, so I'm truly sorry. I may have lost some knowledge but can still attempt to help you. For tarot, I may help with the meanings only. Regular Biography of me, out of the spirtual world: I am artistic and physically and mentally energetic, and I seek guidance and support, nothing else in particular. If I take interest in you as a friend, I show much consideration and I can turn out witty with a good sense of humour. I'm also generous every now and then. But do keep in mind I do not lend out my trust easily. I do not date online, so do not attempt to flirt with me otherwise I will ignore or block you! You've been warned. Other information about me is private so message me if you'd like to know. Here's some magick-related information: I study: Tarot Readings Cartomancy Ceromancy/Pyromancy (Candle magick) Dream Interpretations Spirit communicating Horoscopes Astrology LOA (Law of Attraction) Metaphysics Hoodoo Stones Feel free to ask me any information regarding any of these subjects! I'll be happy to help you! (-: If I lack information on a specific subject, I may provide you with a link leading to that subject or I may copy and paste information relating to the subject. So if you need help with any of these, you're free to ask. Also, I don't cast spells for people, so please don't ask me to cast a spell for you. Also, if you're going to ask nonsense such as turning into a vampire or other fiction, I am not the type of person to help you with that. Overall, if you're going to PM me and want a reply, make sure I understand you. I expect good grammar and spelling, but it doesn't need to be perfect, as long as I understand it.