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Name: Revoluca14
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My name Is Revoluca
I am 19 years old, and the head witch of a small coven where I live.
All of our families in my coven were either practicing witches and or have history of being in a coven. (We are accepting applications)
I have been practicing since I was 9, although I never had the right guidance until two years ago where I met my loml's family. They helped us all grow in way we didn't think we're possible.
I am pleased to work with anyone and everyone.
I welcome you all, and I truly I couldn't judge anyone for anything to be completely honest... Because why judge when I've been judged myself??
My practices:
1. Divination
2. White Magic
3. Necromancy
4. Combat and arms (we like to build up strength)
5. Meditation
6. Energy Magic
7. Dream Magic
8. Arcane Magic
9. Astrial projection
10. Spirits and the paranormal
11. Herbology
12. Crystal magic
13. Blood- magic
14. Demonology
15. Healing
Now I am in no way shape or form a master or anything at all of these. This is a broad spectrum of what I or my fellow friends in the coven can teach! And we would be glad to teach any of you
Now we all are teens and we'll, I'm about to not be lol, but we do have school and we are real people and we understand if you have things that are important to do! We will work with you in every way shape or form