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Name: wolfwitch96
Location: Hampshire
Gender: Female
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I dont give any personal details out. I?m here to help if I can. I?m not here to date and please no vampire kind of stuff.

I am Amethyst, eclectic witch. I am 23. I have been practicing for around 10 years and have been on this site around 9 or 10!

I Work with:

-Divination ~ Tarot, runes, oracle, pendulum readings, ceromancy etc.

-Herbal work ~ healing, spells, aromatherapy and tea.

-Wicca (i follow parts but am not Wiccan.)

-Crystals ~ healing, spells etc.

-Meditation and grounding.

-Spell working.

I'm learning/want to practice:

- Dream identification.


Message questions related to the site if you Need help i will try to help you if I can! Also check out my photos if you want!

Blessed be. )O( AmethystWolf.