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Hey everyone, my name is Robin and I'm twenty years old. I'm currently enrolled in college and have a part time job at a bookstore. (Books are life!) I love animals and I spend most of my time painting or drawing. But that's only half of the story. When people think of me, these small trivial facts come to mind. They have no idea of the secrets I keep hidden, always out of sight, and far from the light of day. But, aside from these normal everyday aspects of my life, I also practice in the thrilling realm of pixie dust and magic. I would even go so far as to call myself a witch. I know, I know, you're already thinking I'm crazy, aren't you? Well, don't be fooled, my mortal friend, they do exist. Albeit, we're not like tv shows and movies portray us with those stupid pointy hats and broomsticks. We're not all evil and we don't cackle like hyenas. >_> I can't speak for all of us, but I'm a good person and I help people whenever I get the chance. I think I was given my abilities for a reason and so I try to do all I can for someone in need.

Okay, first.. Let me start from the beginning. If you haven't noticed, my birthday is on Halloween, which is a super weird coincidence, right? No. Every woman in my bloodline was born on Halloween: My Mom, my Grandmother, and my Great Grand-mother. Apparently, this is a thing in our family. It ALWAYS happens. But only to the girls. We're born with certain abilities that start to develop from adolescence. These abilities are totally different from any one else's... But I'm not going to go into super deep detail there. Instead, I'll tell you about my childhood, and how I had NO IDEA what or who I was until I was almost 16. You see, when my mom was younger, she had a bad experience with her developing abilities and it scared her pretty bad. She wont tell me exactly what happened, but I know it was bad enough that she gave up her powers.

After that, she got it in her head that she wouldn't bring a daughter into this world with the same kind of "curse" she was given. But eventually, she got pregnant. (Surprise!) And I was born. My mom thought if she just ignored the whole thing, it wouldn't happen. She figured if she didn't tell me about any of it, I would never find out how to control my abilities or grow in my gifts. But she was wrong. It still happened... It just happened without guidance and leadership. My powers came in full force and it scared me half to death. But, at least after that, my Mom realized it wasn't going away and she finally stepped up and told me everything. Since then, I've been experimenting with my abilities... training... growing stronger... Discovering my true powers... And helping people any way I can. Some of my abilities are listed below.

Voodoo - The user can utilize voodoo magic, ie. access supernatural forces to improve their daily lives to attain power or success ("luck") in many areas of life including money, love, divination, revenge, health, employment, and necromancy. As in many other spiritual and medical folk practices, extensive use is made of herbs, minerals, parts of animals' bodies, an individual's possessions and bodily fluids. Like most Magic, Voodoo Magic has a variety of uses, the most known are Necromancy and using Voodoo dolls (an effigy of a person) for Motor-Skill Manipulation. Voodoo magic practitioners like using sympathetic magic principles which has two aspects: Law of Similarity or "like affects like": model or miniature of a real-world object which affects the real-life counterpart when it is changed. For example, a miniature New York where you can move buildings and they'll move in the real New York. Or a globe (careful with it) if you poke it carelessly, you'll crush the entirety of China. Second is Law of Contact/Contagion: that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed. This latter makes someone who knows how to do it right truly dangerous because they can ignore any distance to hurt someone with only a bit of something they have used or (even better) part of them, hair and nail-clippings are traditional for this.

Spell-Casting - It is often a series of words that take effect when spoken, though others are able to cast spells merely by thinking, with gestures, with magical objects or through a ritual of some sort. I have various spells I can cast for you/on you, but instead of naming them all here, you'll just have to tell me what it is you need help with. (I will NOT cast any kind of spell to HURT another person, no matter what! So don't ask.)

Healing - The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health.

Tarot Reading/Palm Reading/Tea Reading - I don't know what you've heard about this, but I can't predict your future. I can only tell you (Roughly) the decisions you made that have got you here, and what you must do to get where you want to be. Unless you have a specific question in mind. Then, it might be a bit more detailed. But, as you know, magic is encrypted, so don't expect a straight answer. I can only do Tarot readings over the phone or computer. Palm readings and Tea readings would have to be in person.

Ask if you feel the need for my services, though I may ask for something in return. Make sure you know it's worth giving up before agreeing... I do not do curses, hexes, or any kind of dark magic what so ever. Have a great day and always feel free to mail me. :)